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Dust is one of the leading causes of hardware failure. All moving components are thoroughly cleaned during PC service visits.The PC case is opened and dust is removed from the motherboard and all system boards. The CPU fan, power supply fan and any other board fans are cleaned and tested.All data cables are checked to be sure they are securely seated on system boards. CD and DvD drives are tested for data transfer and all cable connections are checked. Connections to surge protectors are checked.Operating system updates and patches are downloaded and installed to ensure that your system has the most current version of the OS software. Internet browser software updates or upgrades are preformed as software changes become available.

Updated component drivers are installed as they become available or are required by system changes. Hardware configurations are checked to be sure that they are operating efficiently and without conflict with other components.

Disk Defragmentation program is run to optomize your Hard Drive,file system performance is maximized when files are contiguous on the disk. This means that all of the data in each file would be located consecutively on the Hard Drive. Instead of fragmented into separate parts all over the disk surface, causing the Hard Drive to work harder (slower) to read and write your files.Check the mft zone is adequate and run disk diagnostics to detect any problems that your Hard Drive may have. Specialty system optimization,privacy and cleaning tool is run thus allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Hard drive file organization is checked and any misplaced files are moved to their correct data folders.Any temporary or unneeded files are located and removed.

Remember: Our personal computers are like vehicles,they need preventive maintenance to run efficiently and avoid major breakdowns.

I guarantee that I will beat any genuine quotation from any shop or mobile IT technician :)

Ask about our Computer Valet service!

A multi Step, complete valet for your PC or Laptop that will

  1. Prolong it's life
  2. help it run more efficiently
  3. keep it cool
  4. help it run faster
  5. help resolve problems with freezing and crashing

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