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  • Microsoft Band is a game changer 30 Oct 2014

    We’ve had the PC, and the smartphone, and then the tablet. Now we are entering a new era, that of the wearable. And Microsoft’s sudden and rather dram...

  • How to securely wipe your iPhone or iPad 30 Oct 2014

    Planning to sell or give away your old iPhone or iPad? Then you'll need to wipe your data off it securely. Here's how to do it without losing any data...

  • Why Apple Watch won't kill fitness bands – yet 29 Oct 2014

    Now that Apple has waded into the wearables market, isn't it "times up" for the other players? Not yet, but unless the existing players start innovati...

  • iOS 8 adoption rate slows to a crawl (but still far outpacing Android) 29 Oct 2014

    The adoption rate for iOS 8 finally breaks the 50 percent barrier, but it's clear that the upgrade pace for this release is far more sluggish than App...

  • Inside the iPad mini 3 24 Oct 2014

    While there may not be much separating the iPad mini 3 from its predecessor, there's one key difference that will give the new diminutive tablet an ed...

  • Inside the iPad Air 2 23 Oct 2014

    What makes Apple's new iPad Air 2 tick? The iFixit team gets their hands on the new tablet and do what they do best – take it apart.